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Here is an update from JY

Well, I have some disappointing news.

I have just informed the organisers that Team TR3OC are having to withdraw from this years Tuareg Rally

Over the last couple of days, myself and the other team members have been reviewing just what we still have to do simply to get to the “start line” of the rally but however you look at it, 8 weeks yesterday we need to be in Morocco for signing on and we haven’t as yet (no matter how close it seems) even got a bike that we know works.

Further problems, are that we don’t yet know (1) how it performs off-road and in sand and (2) how to ride it !!

When the fabrication work finished on the IBR bike, I tested, broke, rebuilt, tested, broke again and finally fixed the bike for 3 months before leaving for the USA and that event was, in my opinion, nowhere near the challenge that this one is – and yet I still had unforeseen problems on the rally itself.

At best we all agreed that we could see us having 3 weeks to do the same on the outfit but whereas, I already had huge experience of Long Distance Riding before embarking on the IBR, neither myself nor Pete N have virtually any off road experience. Add to this that many vehicles fail on this rally and those remember are relatively new cars and new bikes – we, on the other hand, are attempting to take it on with a 40 year old outfit.

This is not us giving up. It is simply a postponement so that when in 2016 we finally do make it to the start line of the rally, we will have a machine that the TR3OC can be proud of and one that gives us a real chance of completing the rally

In the meantime this year, once the outfit is finished we fully intend to test it under competitive conditions, so you should still have something to follow.

I’m really sorry that this year there’ll be no Team TR3OC entry in the 2015 Tuareg Rally, but assuming there is a 2016 rally, we will be there and we will be properly prepared.


Here are few pics of the work in progress of the Trident Wasp

10409220_844928008891743_1188099107250618180_n 10628324_844928125558398_6881076239341316998_n 10846398_844928058891738_3914294370208083045_n

Nicked this from John Young  who purloined from somewhere else :-)

Twas the night before Christmas and deep in his shop Santa was wrenching on his old Trident chop The saddle was worn out the brakes were shot His tranny in pieces, tires covered in rot …

he worked like a madman racing against time grease in his beard, face covered in grime Whitworth sockets and hardware scattered all over the floor as moonlight shone through the door

Finished at last, Santa straddled his scoot he poked at the kicker with his nasty old boot wheeze cough cough sputter…and worse Under his breath Santa muttered a curse

Once more on the kicker with all of his might and that old pushrod triple finally did light He eased out the clutch and road into the dark Merry Christmas to all and make sure you’ve got spark

Here  are a selection of pics from the TR3OC club stand from last weekend

001 002 007 009

well done Richard on a terrific 2nd place

My first Beezumph and what a delight, i just love the sound of those triples……one day….one day …….i will get one……

I have taken some photos of the day, view them on my site

feel free to download them or contact me for full images… charge.


I have a copy of the booking form, if anyone wants it just let me know
Dear Club Member,
             We are holding a new Motorcycle Show ” The Classic Postwar Motorcycle Show” here at the Heritage Motor Centre Gaydon on Sunday 25th August and we would like to invite your club to attend the show. This is a new show which will be open to all postwar motorcycles including foreign machines.  We are hoping to get the show off the ground this year and provide a new show for  postwar motorcycle enthusiasts and we have advertised the show in Old Bike Mart and Classic Bike Guide.
The attached form will allow your club to have 12 free entry passes to the museum provided your members turn up on a postwar motorcycle. If you are interested in attending the show please fill the form in and return the attached form and we will then arrange for you to get your free club wristbands on the day when you turn up. These will allow you access to the show and the museum too.
If you have any further queries about this new show please do not hesitate to either email us or call on 01926 654029.
Hope to see you in August,
Regards, Tom

Regards Heritage Motor Centre Show Team

Please look here for the official pics

New book “Superbikes and the 70′s” by Dave Sheehan will be launched at this
year’s Beezumph, there is a foreword by Les Williams and it includes a wealth of
information about our Triples. A must for all Triple enthusiasts. Get your copy
at B22 – Cadwell Park this weekend! One of these will be offered as a prize in
our raffle, tickets will be on sale throughout.

 Starter motor assembly complete,
 Hydraulic clutch conversion complete,
 BSA R3 rocker feed assembly
Threaded fuel rail complete with hoses and tank fittings,
Breather duct assembly (to run a date box with a T160 clutch housing)
And for the TR3OC a valve spring testing gauge.
Extremely generous of  you Dave
many thanks from the TR3OC

John South, the owner of the Hughes Trident, has kindly made a donation of £75
prize money for a competition to guess the non-standard bits on his X75
Hurricane (pictured). Each entry will cost £2 which will go to club funds. The
bike will be located in Damian Searby’s Hurricane tent. The correct entry’s will
be added to a draw which will take place on Saturday evening. Winner takes all
(bike not included!!!) This is a bit of fun and very subjective, so please bear
this in mind – Judges decision is final! Enjoy and thank you John!

X75 (1024 x 768)

Dave Bloor our Chairman is running the TR3OC Stand at the October (19th & 20th)  Stafford  classic show. we require a minimum of 6 bikes to be able to enter the show.

So if you have a flat tracker, low rider, chopped  or unusual triple that you would like to see on display  look no further

please reply to dave via email

Dave Madigan has kindly donated one of his famed Electric Starters as the raffle prize for B22.  Thanks  also go to Dave Lancaster who generously paid the import duty on the starter.Dave has also given a  breather duct cover, a hydraulic clutch conversion, and a BSA R3 rocker oil feed.

Please feel free to have a look at his fantastic products here:-



Phil Bargh of LP WIlliams has also generously donated a service kit for the winning ticket holders model of bike


Vince King has kindly donated this pic of a Qaudrent


Payment Methods Update



We are changing the way we accept payment in order to reduce costs for the club, improve security and to give you more payment options.  Here is a summary of the options available right now.

If you are placing an order for Beezumph, merchandise or membership and are posting an order form you can enclose a Sterling cheque payable to TR3OC or include your credit card details on the order form.  Please note that you will now need to include the 3 digit security number from the back of your card on the form.  These are our preferred methods of payment.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to post card details or a Sterling cheque you can simply send your payment to one of our new PayPal accounts: for merchandise to and for membership to  Please help us by adding a note in the Optional Message field to indicate what you are buying so we can accurately tie the payment to the order form.

PayPal gives you the flexibility to choose the best payment method for you each time you pay as you can link your PayPal account to your bank account, debit and credit cards.  We haven’t yet created a Beezumph PayPal account but may well do so in the future.

At shows and events you can still pay by cheque or in cash, but we will not be taking credit card details in order to remove the risk of your card details being mislaid or stolen.

We advise you not to send us your credit card information by email as this is not secure and you would be putting your card details at risk.  If you send your card details in the post, we will destroy the information as soon as the transaction is entered on the card company’s system.

This is the first level of changes and we are working towards accepting on-line payments via the club website next.

If you have any comments or suggestions about these changes, please send them to the TR3OC Treasurer, David Lord, at

Our Chairman has recieved the following invitation, if any members would like to represent our club please use the contact details below.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m the organiser of Lane & Vale Carnival in Streatham, South West London. It’s our first event this year and unfortunately we’ve been let down by another club, who were due to take part, but have had to cancel.
This is a community led non-profit event designed to help the area recover after the recent closure of our railway bridge cost the local economy £19 million.
The event is on Saturday 13th of July from 10:30am – 1pm. We have space for up to 20 vehicles to take part in our carnival parade, and space on Streatham Common for those cars to have a rally after the event which would form part of the Streatham Festival’s Streatham UnCommon event.
We can’t pay appearance fees, but we had arranged for those taking part to have a BBQ and drinks within the rally space on the common after the carnival as some compensation for taking part.
Do you think your members would be interested in being part of our event?
Anthony Ellis
Chair of Streatham Bridge Business Association
Event Director, Lane & Vale Carnival
07538 080 175

Vince King  has not only donated a one off pic off the Quadrent  to the raffle

healso has a double room on offer,  free to the 1st couple to contact him

His number is – 01526 830063

Full address is, 38 Winchelsea Road, Ruskington,


many thanks Vince

Apr 30
Well, it’s
4th May 2013 – The day the TR3OC attempt to create a new record for the single largest group of classic bikes and their riders to successfully complete an SS1000 in one go.
For those of you that want to watch the action from the comfort of your computer screen or, for the more adventurous, join in with the ride for a while, simply go to either :
This will show you where the main pack of riders, which includes 3 possibly 4 triples, is at that time.  The location can be approximately up to 10 minutes behind.
There are two other bikes using Spot Trackers on the ride :
Chris Kilner – who is on an Enfield 500 !!
David Taylor and his better half, Alys – on a Tiger 800
Martin Rawson who is riding along with Peter Nicolson and Dave Williamson is relying on slightly older technology …..
Just a heads up for those who are going to follow peoples progress and maybe want to share in the fun.DaveW,Peter Nicholson and I will be meeting at Scotch Corner Services at 5.30am and doing the route clockwise.So a few hundred miles behind the main group of riders. We won’t have a tracker system but have the technology of mobile phones so my number is 07806 807776,and I can provide a text update of location at one of our stops.
A map of the route that the riders are taking is shown on the TR3OC club web-site by clicking on the following link :
Most of the riders are starting between 4.00am and 5.00am on saturday morning and so should be finishing their rides around midnight
John Young 
ss1000 001 ss1000 009 ss1000 005 ss1000 004 ss1000 002
A few photos at the first fuel stop for the main group. 

Confirmed guests


Les Williams

Arthur Jakeman

Fred Swift

Bill Fannon

John Woodward

Neil Coombes

All worked at Meriden Experimental department, as well as involved in the hugely successful Triple racing seasons

Here are some pics of the stand at the show. many thanks to Dave Smith for getting it made and John  Young for Hosting the stand and the after show party.  it was a great day with plenty of interest being shown and a few new members recruited.

P1040807 P1040809 P1040810 P1040811 P1040812




4th National Aussie Triples Rally 15 – 19 August. 2013


Supported by the Northern Rivers Classic Motorcycle Club Inc.

Triumph Motorcycle Register of Australia & Re-Engineered Concentrics

An invitation to riders of pre 1976 British Triples.

The Rally will be based at Ballina Lakeside Holiday Park Fenwick Dr, Ballina. NSW

An afternoon ride is planned for Friday the 16thSaturday 17th and Sunday 18th rides will be along

marshalled routes visiting many smaller villages on the scenic north coast of NSW. Short ride Monday 19th

Join us for all ride days or just the weekend rides. The Ballina area also offers a variety of alternate activities

for those who will not be participating in the rides. When making your booking at Ballina Lakeside be sure to

mention the “Aussie Triples Rally” to receive a 25% discount off all forms of accommodation from Tent &

Van sites to Luxury Cabins.

To receive further details send your expression of interest


or phone :- 02 66834429