The Trident & Rocket 3 Owners Club, established in 1979, caters for all BSA and Triumph triple engined road and race machines manufactured between 1968 and 1976 plus specials and race bikes that are clearly related to the original machines. Club membership is split approximately 70 percent in the UK, 30 percent worldwide.

The Models

Bsa Rocket 3 A75

Triumph Trident T150

Triumph Hurricane X75

Triumph Trident T160

We actively encourage the continued use of BSA and Triumph triples, the TR3OC participate in a wide range of “Classic” events and organise a variety of meetings and rallies, the best known of these is our annual Beezumph Rally/Track days where club members have the opportunity to ride their road or race bikes on a race circuit.

“Italian” T150′s at Beezumph 20

From the start the club has had an ethos of using our bikes, consequently we have built up a wealth of experience to keep them in use on road and track, this information is available via the club magazine Triple Echo, and through direct contact with our Archivist, Spares and Technical officers (see the list of emails on the right). The club merchandise also includes a comprehensive manual “Technical Notes” available as a hard copy or on CD.

Triple Echo, published bi- monthly, and mailed to all full members contains a broad mix of technical, historical, travel and events information. Contributions to the magazine come from a wide cross section of members including on occasion, some from our Honorary members listed below.
Our Honorary members reads like a Who’s Who of the triple world, many of them attend club events regularly and virtually all of them have visited Beezumph, some come every year which gives us the chance to meet the people who made the triples such fabulous bikes.

On the Area Meetings page there is a list of the meeting points throughout the UK and abroad, where you get the chance to meet other club members and talk about bikes (again)!

The club AGM is usually held at a hotel in the midlands. Most years there is a pre- AGM meal and talk on the night before the actual AGM, in recent years Percy Tait, John Cooper and Mick Duckworth have all spoken, these really are memorable evenings for anyone interested in triples.

Triple Echo 192


The TR3OC are proud to list below our President, Patron, Founder and Honorary Members.

President: Les Williams
Patron: Arthur Jakeman
Founder: Tim Smithells

Honorary Members

  • Alex George
  • Tom Dickie
  • Steve Jolly
  • Dave Croxford
  • David Aldana
  • Steve Brown
  • Don Castro
  • Ron Chandler
  • John Cooper
  • Bill Crosby
  • Don Emde
  • Bill Fannon
  • Mick Grant
  • Norman Hyde
  • Tony Jefferies
  • Alastair Laurie
  • Dick Mann
  • Rob North
  • Jim Rice
  • Gene Romero
  • Martin Russell
  • Paul Smart
  • Fred Swift
  • Percy Tait
  • Craig Vetter
  • John Woodward